Kingston Newsletters

The club newsletters give valuable insights into how the club was run, the level of play, and the issues faced – many of which remain the same today. Many of the newsletters were sourced from the Waterton archive – the papers left by the former club President, Bill Waterton, whose foresight in storing ephemeral material can only now be fully appreciated.

The earliest newsletter from February 1973 was edited by Paul Barasi now of Wimbledon Chess Club. The title of the newsletter changed over the years along with the editor. There were some years in which no newsletter was published and a period during which a newsletter was published specifically for the B team. The list is incomplete so if anybody has some old newsletters hidden away, please let us know.

The titles, known publication dates and the main editor of the newsletter were as follows:

The Kingston GambitFeb 1973 – Feb 1975Paul Barasi
Kingston Chess Club BulletinNov 1985 – May 1987J P Wilkinson
Kingston Chess Club NewsletterMar 1988 – Dec 1989Dave Davis
Kingston B NewsletterMay 1996 – Feb 1998Derek Coope
Kingston Chess Club NewsletterJan 1988 – Jan 2000Nick Grey
The Kingston GambitJan 2008David Rowson

The Kingston Gambit1Feb 1973link
The Kingston Gambit text1Feb 1973link
The Kingston Gambit2missing
The Kingston Gambit3Feb 1975link
KCC Bulletin1missing
KCC Bulletin2Nov 1985link
KCC Bulletin3Jan 1986link
KCC Bulletin4missing
KCC Bulletin5Mar 1986link
KCC Bulletin6Apr 1986link
KCC Bulletin7-9missing
KCC Bulletin10Aug 1986link
KCC Bulletin11Oct 1986link
KCC Bulletin12missing
KCC Bulletin13Jan 1987link
KCC Bulletin14missing
KCC Bulletin15Mar 1987link
KCC Bulletin16Apr 1987link
KCC Bulletin17May 1987link
KCC Bulletin18-22missing
KCC Newsletter23Mar 1988link
KCC Newsletter24-26missing
KCC Newsletter27Nov 1988link
KCC Newsletter28Dec 1988link
KCC Newsletter29Dec 1989link
Kingston B Newsletter1-13missing
Kingston B Newsletter14May 1996link
Kingston B Newsletter1-9missing
Kingston B Newsletter10Mar 1997link
Kingston B Newsletter11Mar 1997link
Kingston B NewsletterDec 1997link
Kingston B NewsletterFeb 1998link
KCC NewsletterV1 7Jan 1998link
KCC NewsletterV1 8missing
KCC NewsletterV1 9Mar 1998link
KCC Newsletter10-13missing
KCC NewsletterV2 14Oct 1998link
KCC NewsletterV2 15Nov 1998link
KCC Newsletter16/17missing
KCC NewsletterV2 18Feb 1999link
KCC NewsletterV2 19/20Apr 1999link
KCC NewsletterV3 21Nov 1999link
KCC NewsletterV3 22Jan 2000link
The Kingston Gambit1Jan 2002link
The Kingston Gambit2missing
The Kingston Gambit3Jan 2008link