Roll of Honour

League championships and knockout cups won in Kingston’s 150-year history. The highlights are:

  • National online champions 2020 (4NCL)
  • Surrey League Division 1 and Cup double 2022/2023, 1974/75, 1931/32, 1924/25
  • Thames Valley League Division 1 and Cup double 2022/23
  • Double double League and Cup Surrey and Thames Valley 2022/23
  • Surrey League Division 1 winners 4 times
  • Thames Valley League Division 1 winners 6 times

Surrey League

Surrey League Championships

2022/23Kingston 1Surrey Trophy (Division 1)
2021/22Kingston 1Beaumont Cup (Division 2)
2021/22Kingston 2Centenary Trophy (Division 4)
2014/15Kingston 2Centenary Trophy (Division 4)
2013/14Kingston 1Beaumont Cup (Division 2)
2009/10Kingston 2Centenary Trophy (Division 4)
2007/08Kingston 1Beaumont Cup (Division 2)
2005/06Kingston 2Centenary Trophy (Division 4)
2003/04Kingston 2Ellam Trophy (Division 3)
1998/99Kingston 1Beaumont Cup (Division 2)
1995/96Kingston 1Beaumont Cup (Division 2)
1993/94Kingston 1Beaumont Cup (Division 2)
1988/89Kingston 2Ellam Trophy (Division 3)
1988/89Kingston 3Minor Trophy (Division 5)
1987/88Kingston 2Centenary Trophy (Division 4)
1984/85Kingston 3Centenary Trophy (Division 4)
1974/75Kingston 1Surrey Trophy (Division 1)
1972/73Kingston 3Minor Trophy (Division 5)
1953/54Kingston 2Minor Trophy (Division 5)
1952/53Kingston 1Beaumont Cup (Division 2)
1948/49Kingston 2Beaumont Cup (Division 2)
1947/48Kingston 2Beaumont Cup (Division 2)
1931/32KingstonSurrey Trophy (Division 1)
1924/25KingstonSurrey Trophy (Division 1)

Surrey League Cup titles

2023/24KingstonAlexander Cup
2023/24KIngstonLauder Trophy
2022/23KingstonAlexander Cup
2021/22KingstonAlexander Cup
2021/22KingstonLauder Trophy
2018/19KingstonLauder Trophy
2001/02KingstonLauder Trophy
1994/95KingstonThorp Trophy
1989/90KingstonThorp Trophy
1975/76KingstonAlexander Cup
1974/75KingstonAlexander Cup
1945/46KingstonAlexander Cup
1931/32KingstonAlexander Cup
1927/28KingstonAlexander Cup
1924/25KingstonAlexander Cup
1923/24KingstonAlexander Cup

Thames Valley League

Thames Valley League Championships

2023/24Kingston ADivision 1
2022/23Kingston ADivision 1
2022/23Kingston 3Division X
2021/22Kingston ADivision 2
2018/19Kingston ADivision 2
2017/18Kingston BDivision X
2010/11Kingston ADivision 2
2004/05Kingston ADivision 2
1994/95Kingston BDivision 3
1990/91Kingston ADivision 2
1983/84Kingston ADivision 1
1983/84Kingston BDivision 4
1977/78KingstonDivision 1
1949/50KingstonDivision 1
1948/49KingstonDivision 1

Thames Valley League Cup titles

2022/23KingstonThames Valley Knockout
2011/12KingstonThames Valley Knockout
2006/07KingstonThames Valley Knockout
1999/2000KingstonThames Valley Knockout
1982/83KingstonThames Valley Knockout

Four Nations Chess League (4NCL)

2023/24CSC/Kingston 1Division 2 (runner-up)Over the board
2022/23CSC/Kingston 1Division 3Over the board
2020Kingston / ChessPlusDivision 1Online

Historical footnotes

(1) From 1914-30 the club serving the Kingston area went by the name Thames Valley, reflecting the fact that the first world war had led to the amalgamation of the Kingston and Teddington clubs. The Kingston name reappeared in 1930 when the club became known as Kingston & Thames Valley. Remarkably, the Thames Valley part of the name was not formally dropped until 2015, many decades after it had ceased to be used. For the purposes of this Roll of Honour, all league and cup successes have been attributed to Kingston. 

We continue to research the inter-war years to try to understand how the various clubs in south-west London interacted. For instance, Surbiton ceased to function in this period and was not reformed until 1949, suggesting that Kingston & Thames Valley may have absorbed players from the Surbiton area. These structural changes are in themselves of historical interest, but may also offer lessons for the future organisation of chess in the area.

(2) In 1994/95 the Thorp Trophy (a competition sadly discontinued after the 2002/03 season) was won jointly with Cobham. In 1953/54 the Surrey Minor Trophy was won jointly with Coulsdon West.