Club People

Committee members

President: John Foley
Chair: Alan Scrimgour
Secretary: David Bickerstaff
Treasurer: Charlie Cooke
Club captain: Stephen Moss
Head of venue: Greg Heath

Other officers

Fixtures secretary: Nick Grey
Head of training: Julian Way
Equipment and trophies officer: Charlie Cooke
Lead for safeguarding: John Foley


First team (Surrey): Peter Andrews
First team (Thames Valley): David Rowson
Second team (Surrey): Stephen Moss
Second team (Thames Valley): Stephen Moss
Third team (Surrey): Edward Mospan
Third team (Thames Valley Div X): Jon Eckert
Fourth team (Surrey): Edward Mospan
Alexander Cup: John Foley
Lauder Trophy: Stephen Moss
Thames Valley Knockout: Alan Scrimgour

Honorary life vice-presidents

John Nunn, grandmaster
John Nunn won the British under-14, London under-18 and European junior titles, becoming a grandmaster in 1978 and British champion in 1980. At one point he was rated ninth in the world and represented England on numerous occasions. He won the world chess problem-solving championship three times. He was the world senior (65+) champion in 2022 and 2023 and second in the European senior championships in 2022.

Ken Inwood
Ken Inwood won the London under-14 and under-18 titles before becoming the British boys’ champion at Hastings in 1953. He played top board for England Juniors. Ken has been a member of Kingston chess club for over 70 years, during most of which he played top board.

Honorary life members

Neil Maxwell
Peter Roche

In remembrance

Chris Clegg
Vice-president, died January 2015

Bill Waterton
Honorary vice-president and president of the Surrey County Chess Association (1990-2000), died January 2015