DGT2010 timer

The club uses the DGT 2010 game timer for rated games

The time controls for home matches:

Setting the Clock

1. Switch on the clock

using the button underneath

2.  Select Programme = 18

Press – or + to scroll through the programme numbers.
Press √ to save the programme number.
On starting, the timer will default to the last Programme used, often no.18.

3. Select the number of hours and minutes 

Press – or + to scroll through the number of hours.
Press √ to save the number of hours.
Repeat the process for the minutes.
1h 15m or 1h 20m depending upon the league.

After you have set the hours and minutes, the clock will then offer you to set seconds. Ignore this and keep the seconds at 0. 

Repeat this process for both sides of the clock.

4. Select the length of the increment in seconds = 10

Press – or + to scroll through the number of seconds.
Press √ to save the number of seconds.

5. Depress the rocker switch

on Black’s side so that the White side is ready to start counting down.

6. To start the timer

Press the central Play button at the start of the game.

At the end of the game, remember to switch off the timer using the button underneath. It does not automatically switch itself off.

Kingston Chess Club