Peter Andrews (Kingston) v Nick Faulks (Surbiton)

Surrey League division 2 match played at the United Reformed Church, Tolworth on 11 April 2023

This game was played in a crucial match in Kingston 2’s battle to stave off relegation in division 2 of the Surrey League. We won the match against Surbiton’s first team 5-2, greatly helped by Peter’s win against the doughty Nick Faulks on board 3. They have met over the board half a dozen times, and Peter was keen to annotate this relatively short game as he found it instructive. “I suggest two lessons,” he explains. “One, for me, is that if one is playing an opponent whom one has played before, it cannot be assumed that the opening will repeat, especially if one achieved a good position in the previous game. The other is that it illustrates a useful principle expounded by John Nunn: LPDO, Loose Pieces Drop Off!