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Peter Lalic (Kingston) v Michael Dams (Epsom)

Alexander Cup, Epsom, 22 November 2021, Board 2

Peter Lalic took the Kingston team over the winning line with this gloriously eccentric victory.

Kevin Thurlow (Epsom) v David Maycock (Kingston)

Alexander Cup, 22 November 2021, Board 3

David Maycock secured a stylish win over veteran Kevin Thurlow playing against the isolated queen’s pawn in the Alexander Cup match.

David Maycock v Kevin Thurlow, with Peter Lalic, Mike Healey and Epsom’s new giant scoreboard in the background

Post-mortem analysis

John Foley (Kingston) v Robert Hamilton (Epsom)

Alexander Cup, Epsom, 22 November 2021, Board 5

In this Torre attack, Black plays passively and White induces some pawn weaknesses leading to the destruction of Black’s queenside. The outcome of this game was not important to the match as Kingston had already won.

John Foley

Robert Hamilton

Matthew Baker (Epsom) v John Bussmann (Kingston)

Alexander Cup, Epsom, 22 November 2021 Board 9

John Saunders, erstwhile editor of Chess magazine, thought this win by John Bussmann was the game of the match. He writes: “Admittedly his opponent made a couple of positional howlers in the opening, but John’s exploitation of the opportunity was immaculate. If someone had shown me the score of this game and told me that Mickey Adams or Keith Arkell had been Black, I would have believed them.” 

John Bussmann (left) v Matthew Baker

Liam Bayly (Surbiton) v Peter Lalic (Kingston)

Surbiton B v Kingston A 2 November 2021 Surrey League Division 2

The Budapest Gambit

Peter Lalic takes the opportunity in this superbly annotated game to delve deeply into the Budapest Gambit following his game with Liam Bayly from the match against Surbiton in the Thames Valley League. He reflects on reading his father’s book on the gambit and on the benefit of detailed game analysis as a way to develop chess understanding.

Peter Lalic (Kingston)

Liam Bayly (Surbiton)

Jon Eckert (Kingston) v Paul Dupré (Surbiton)

Surbiton v Kingston, 2 November 2021, Thames Valley League Division 2

A tremendous game by Jon Eckert in the form of his life beating a much higher-rated player. Match report.

Haris Nisic v Yae-Chan Yang

Board 5, Kingston v Epsom Lauder Cup Quarter Final 1st November 2021

This was Yae’s first game for Kingston.

A fine debut.

David Maycock v Peter Lalic (Hull 4NCL Open, 24 Oct 2021)

Both players travelled from Kingston upon Thames to Kingston upon Hull to play in one of the new over the board congresses. Inevitably they were paired against each other in Round 4 when they were both standing on 2/3.

Mike Healey (Kingston) v Chris Briscoe (Surbiton)

Board 1 Kingston v Surbiton Season Opener Match 30 September 2021

Mike Healey (Kingston)

Jasper Tambini (Surbiton) v Peter Lalic (Kingston)

Board 2 Kingston v Surbiton Season Opener Match 30 September 2021

Jasper Tambini Surbiton