The Knight’s Tale

Alan Scrimgour

This was the the last competitive game I played before the Covid pandemic. It was played in the World Senior Team Championships in Prague on March 11, 2020 in the 65+ match between Scotland and the team from Ukraine, Kiev Europa 2020. My opponent was the international master Viktor Dovzhenko. The match was shortly before Czechia closed its borders in response to COVID-19. The tournament was truncated after seven rounds with Russia in the lead just ahead of France. Scotland came 11th and England came 30th.

Alan Scrimgour in action for Kingston at the Alexander Cup Final against Battersea in 2023

You catch me on my fifth game as Black (out of six). I have decided to show this game in a slightly unusual way – from the perspective of my trusty steed, the King’s knight, which moved 14 times. It is also a response to ‘Ask the Pieces, a Chessbase DVD by Müller and Becker. This is the Knight’s Tale.

Scotland v England WSTC 2020 50+


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    Alan is the Chair of Kingston Chess Club. He also plays for Cavendish Chess Club in the London League and for Scotland's senior team. Alan's other hobbies include golf and classical music.

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