Newspaper Archive

Articles about Kingston Chess Club from the Surrey Comet, the Croydon Times and the Richmond Herald. This collection is supplemented from time to time as we find new items.

Ken Inwood British Boys Champion 1953
Kingston v Richmond 14 June 1947 Richmond Herald
Alexander Cup Final report from Croydon Times 17 October 1928
Thames Valley CC Season update Surrey Comet 26 Nov 1927 Surrey Comet
Living Chess in Kingston – The Times 9 Jan 1922
Thames Valley CC obit Ryan Northern Whig 20 June 1916
Thames Valley CC v Staines Middlesex Chronicle 24 Jan 1914
Thames Valley CC Surrey Comet 26 Dec 1908 AGM
Thames Valley AGM Notice R&TT 21 Dec 1907
Thames Valley CC v Richmond Surrey Comet 1 April 1905
Richmond v Thames Valley CC Surrey Comet 5 Dec 1903
TVCC AGM Surrey Comet 10 Oct 1903
Thames Valley Chess Club Venue Announcement Oct 1901
Thames Valley CC v Surbiton R&T Times 4 Feb 1899
Thames Valley CC Venue Notice R&T Times 31 Oct 1896 est 1880
Michell Playing at Hammersmith MorningPost 4 Feb 1895
Esher v Kingston multi game match 25 Nov 1893
Walton v Kingston Surrey Advertiser 24 Dec 1892
Friendly matches Surrey Comet 1884
Chess Club Directory 1882
Club Creation – Surrey Comet 24 August 1880