Hutchings Trophy

Silver Trophy for Competition

Amongst the effects of Bill Waterton was a rather fine and heavy silver trophy which was engraved with winners from 1946 to 1969. We do not know the achievement for which the cup was awarded. The name of the trophy is also unknown but we shall call it the Hutchings Trophy since that is the name of the engraved benefactor. The inscription reads:

Presented for Competition

To the Members of the Kingston and Thames Valley Chess Club


The Hutchings Trophy

Engraved winners

1946                S. Tatton

1947-8             Col. S. Prince

1948-9             R. Hammond

1949-50           J.D. Hall

1950-51           No Contest                  

1951-52           H.H. Flutter

1952-3            D. Giles

1953-4             J.M. Ellam

1954-5             C. Raynham

1955-6             H. G. Davis

1956-7             K. Inwood

1957-8             L. Schweigert

1958-9             A. Purchase

1963                T. Fox

1964                E. Stevenson

1965                A. Purchase

1966                M. Lemon        

1967                S. B.Scott

1968                E. Stevenson

1969                M. Lemon

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